2013 International Didymo Conference Results

The Conference was held on March 12-13, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island USA and proudly hosted by the Invasive Species Action Network and Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel.

The conference successfully brought together natural resource managers, researchers, conservationists, fishing clubs and others with an interest in learning more about didymo.

Conference Results

For a complete list of presenters and conference agenda, download the Conference Booklet

Conference Presentations and Posters

The conference featured a robust line-up of plenary speakers, a variety of research papers, a poster session and a management panel forum. Powerpoint presentations and posters are available below

Conference Presentations

Aunins - Genomic characterization of D. geminata: current progress and future directions

Cary - A sensitive genetic-based detection and enumeration method for D. geminata

Deeter - Kenote Speaker

Gills - Impact of D. geminata presence on juvenile Atlantic salmon: A project overview

Kilroy - Plenary Speaker: Didymosphenia geminata: an extraordinary organism

Klauda - Didymo infestation in Maryland, USA: A state agency's reactions, responses and Felt/Results

Kuhajek - Laboratory-based experiments to investigate didymo distribution patterns in New Zealand

Montecino - On the biogeography of D. geminata in Chile: niche requirements and potential habitats

Nelson - Identification, enumeration and measuring cell dimensions of D. geminata using an imaging particle analyzer (FlowCAM)

Pillsbury - Are the recent blooms of D. geminata in Lake Superior (USA) caused by an aggressive strain on environmental changes?

Richardson - Spatial distribution and ecosystem effects of a nuisance, bloom-forming diatom (D. geminata) in Catskill Mountain streams, New York

Sanson and Gerbeaux - D. geminata in New Zealand:an update on current managment and research approaches

Spaulding - Paleolimnological records of Didymosphenia geminata in North America

Sundareshwar - Does sulfation of Didymo stalks facilitate iron adsorption and phosphorus concentration in mats?

VanPatten - Missouri's proactive approach to didymo

Zarnetske - Integrating invasion history with environment to model D. geminata hotspots across New Zealand

Conference Posters

Gillis - Volunteer based observations to understand the growth, persistence and removal of rock snot blooms

Hanna - Statewide occurrence and seasonal abundance patterns for didymo in Maryland waters

Khan-Bureau - Monitoring the distribution of D. geminata found in the Connecticut River and its tributaries

Klauda - An inexpensive, easy to build stream-side wash station for cleaning wading boots

Root - Controlling didymo: effective decontamination strategies and recommendations for public outreach